Paris Syndrome release a new single, ‘Sell Out’.

It’s the first new material in over three years from the Aberdeen-based act, following ‘Crystal’s Back on Meth Again‘ and its b-side ‘OverExposed’.

The duo – Jade Flannery and Lewis Scott – wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the single entirely in their home studio – which, they say, “some have rather unfairly called ‘just a living room in a small flat’.”

The pair describe the track as “an ode to the struggle of artists between maintaining their integrity and ‘selling out’ in order to maintain their ability to live and eat, as well as a mockery of the ridiculous nature of the romanticised ‘starving artist'”.

“It was inspired,’ they continue, “by watching the aftermath of punk in the 21st Century and makes specific reference to Johnny Lydon’s infamous butter advert and Iggy Pop’s Car Insurance advert.”

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