Paper Birch release a new single, ‘Summer Daze’.

Describing themselves as “the band who have never met”, the duo – Fergus Lawrie and Dee Sada – began working together during lockdown, in a correspondence of lyrics, ideas and sounds between London and Glasgow.

The fruits of this flurry of composition in May and June 2020 resulted in the new single and a nine track album, ‘Morninghairwater’, set for release on the Takuroku label in September.

Lawrie was previously a founder member of Urusei Yatsura, perhaps best known for their top 40 hit ‘Hello Tiger’.

Since that band’s dissolution, he formed Projekt A-ko with other former members, releasing album ‘Yoyodyne’, before recording three experimental improvised noise rock albums as Angel of Everyone Murder with Lea Cummings (Kylie Minoise/Kovorox Sounds) and Sarah Glass (The Fnords).

He also went under the artist name Obscure Desire of the Bourgeoisie to present several large-scale installations featuring guitars and electric fans at Northampton Fishmarket, Dundee School of Art and Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, before co-producing a documentary about the Glasgow experimental noise scene ‘Send/Receive’ which was featured at Cardiff Arts Festival.

Dee Sada also works in the world of art as well as music – having curated a range of multimedia events including screenings, spoken word and performances with Raindance Film Festival, Whitechapel Art Gallery and Cafe OTO – the latter being responsible for the Takuroku imprint that Paper Birch’s recordings will feature on.

Sada also has a track record as a musician, having been part of percussive noise band An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump, who recorded an album with Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.

She has also been in electronic duo, Blue On Blue and improv act Oral Oral, and is currently a member of London-based trio NEUMES, who recently recorded a mini album at 4AD studios.

The single comes with a video, shot on 16mm by Grant McPhee, director of ‘Teenage Superstars’ and ‘Big Gold Dream’.

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