Paper Birch trail their forthcoming album ‘Morninghairwater’ with a single, ‘Love For The Things Yr Not’.

The duo are a collaboration between Fergus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura) and Dee Sada (NEUMES / An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump), formed in May 2020, passing ideas and sounds between London and Glasgow whilst the UK was in lockdown.

The single is available digitally, with the 9-track debut LP available on vinyl, CD and digital on July 30th.

Sada describes the release as “a testament to love, hope, beauty, fear, loss, sadness and isolation.”

“I’ve always loved male and female vocals from 60s pop to Bollywood songs to Shane McGowan and Sinead O’ Connor’s ‘Haunted’,” she adds, “so it was amazing that Fergus was up for both of us singing the majority of songs on this album.”

Also part of the collaborative relationship is visual artist, Thomas James who has created films for Ghostpoet, Paloma Faith and most recently, The English National Ballet.

The duo, who have already started work on their second album, have recently signed to the Reckless Yes label following a limited digital release via the Takuroku label run by Cafe Oto in London, and previously released a single, the album’s opening track ‘Summer Daze‘.

‘Morninghairwater’ album track listing:

1. Summer Daze
2. Love For The Things Yr Not
3. Elegy As We Mourn
4. I Don’t Know You
5. Hide
6. Cemetary Moon
7. Blue Heartbreak
8. Curse Us
9. Fallen

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