Pandacar release a new EP, ‘No More Biscuits’, on Good Boy Punk Club Records

The four track effort from the Glasgow-based post-punk three-piece collects together their previous three singles, all recorded at the band’s rehearsal space and home studio – ‘Sanctimonious’, ‘Snake’ & ‘History’s Repeating’.

And also on the EP from the trio, which formed in summer 2018 inspired by “a love of noisy music and a need to hit back over recent world events”, is their ‘tribute’ to Teresa May – new track ‘The Dancing Queen’.

Next live show for the band – Nick Patrick (vocals and guitar), Eddy MacKenzie (bass and vocals) and Nathan Langridge (drums and vocals) – is with Quotes of the Dead and Peplo at The Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow on Friday July 12.

Jockrock says: “A band whose set of visceral politically-charged anthems channel an authentic punk spirit needed now as much as in 1977.”

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