Glasgow-based band Pale Fire release a new single, ‘Various Witches’, on the Late Fragments label.

It’s the first track to come from their second album, ‘Husbands’ (named after the 1970 John Cassavetes film) due out in Spring 2020 and recorded with Jamie Savage at Chem 19.

The new song is the first of three singles to be released, digitally, by the band during 2019/20, prior to the release of ‘Husbands’ which will be available on CD and vinyl as well digitally.

The Coatbridge-formed quintet – Adrian Walker, Barry Boulton, James McCann, Kris O’Rourke, and Matthew Nevans – have also called in contributions from various musicians from the Scottish scene.

As well as Jamie Savage (Emma Pollock, Olympic Swimmers), Craig McMahon, Alex Sharples (Pronto Mama, Fat Suit), Donna Maciocia (Camera Obscura, Vox Liminis), renowned jazz pianist Tom Gibbs and members of the Cairn String Quartet appear on the release.

‘Various Witches’ references ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton as well as James Kelman; indeed, the writer gave the band permission to use a line from his story ‘If it Is Your Life’ in the song (“Maybe I was away thinking about things”).

The song also (unwittingly) serves as a posthumous tribute to the late David Berman of Silver Jews, who passed away after the recording was completed, but before the song’s release.

As well as being available to stream via Spotify and download at Apple Music, there is a video for the single, shot by videographer Kris Boyle.

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