Palace Ballet release a double a-side single entitled ‘Gabriel’ / ‘City Of Lights’ on New Old Shh… Records, on Monday 12th April 2010.

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(The press release contains some lengthy blather, but in a good cause, read on if you will)

The songs ‘Gabriel’ and ‘City Of Lights’ were recorded over a cold, cold weekend in November, in one of our favourite places in the world, the Old Mill in Strathaven. Our dear friend Marshall even let us sleep in amongst the dusty old Harpsichords and Harmoniums (perhaps even the odd wee mouse) half way through the sessions. In these songs you can probably hear us stretch out a bit and grow into our name a bit more, whatever that name may mean to you. From the echo of the mill’s lofty auditorium at the beginning of ‘Gabriel’, through the squeaks of the pump organ pedals and the trumpet rattling through the old corridors of the building in ‘City Of Lights’, there is a presence of timelessness in these 2 songs of our first ever single that warms our hearts. I really didn’t start this email just to gush about the Old Mill, but its a gigantic part of who Palace Ballet have come to be, and I’d like you to tell anyone you know about this place as times are tough and it’s not the easiest place to keep afloat in hard times. If you are in a band, or know someone in a band… tell them about Marshall and Old Mill Studios in Strathaven (and Palace Ballet while you’re at it). They will be hard-pushed to find a more wonderful recording environment which still falls within the realms of affordability. Spread the word.