Music producer Tony Doogan has joined forces with film director David Mackenzie to release the soundtrack to TV film ‘Outlaw King’.

The Netflix drama, starring Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, was released in 2018, but now the music from the story of the 14th-century Scottish King is available via Rock Action Records.

Music producer Tony Doogan – known for his work with Belle & Sebastian as well as label bosses Mogwai – has teamed up with director Mackenzie as Grey Dogs – the pair previously worked together on the soundtrack to Mackenzie’s film ‘Starred Up’.

Also enlisted are violinist Greg Lawson of the Grit Orchestra, Mogwai’s Barry Burns and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra sax player Raymond MacDonald.

The name Grey Dogs comes from a channel between the Sound of Jura and the Atlantic Ocean, which Mackenzie describes as “terrifying and beautiful, and that somehow felt resonant.”

The two previously worked together on the music for Mackenzie’s Starred Up in 2013, with the director enlisting a host of famous names score his other films – The Pastels for debut ‘The Last Great Wilderness’, David Byrne on ‘Young Adam’, Max Richter on ‘Perfect Sense’, and most recently, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis for ‘Hell or High Water’.

Apart from a couple of vocal credit for actress Florence Pugh (who plays Bruce’s queen consort Elizabeth de Burgh) the soundtrack is largely instrumental – apart from two contributions from Kathryn Joseph, including a take on classic folk song ‘Land O’ The Leal’ as well as a version of ‘Scots Wha Hae’.

Mackenzie says: “I am interested in sounds, noises, resonances and sonic collision. I often find myself trying to suppress musicians’ natural impulses to be melodic and ordered with the soundtracks to my films. I am always trying to push away from this into something odder and more intense.

“I love music and I have had the privilege of working with a number of really great musicians like Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Max Richter and David Byrne on my soundtracks. But sometimes as a director I want to take more of a front seat in the shaping and creation of the soundtrack. With Outlaw King we wanted the sound to come from the earth; from fire, mud and the bone crushing blunt force of medieval warfare.”

“Working with David is unlike other collaborations. His creative process is totally free and open; we can explore every idea and leave no shadowy sonic thought untested. He actively encourages as much creativity and non-conformism as possible,” Doogan adds.

1 Surrender
2 Requiem
3 Wallace
4 Breaking Vows
5 Sacred Ground
6 Black Knights Fanfare
7 Coronation
8 Bonny At Morn (featuring Florence Pugh)
9 Defeat
10 You’re No King Of Mine
11 Compassion Is Not A Weakness
12 Waulking Song
13 Castle By Castle
14 Skies
15 Poison It
16 Prayers (featuring Florence Pugh)
17 Beasts
18 Reunion
19 Land O The Leal (featuring Kathryn Joseph)
20 Scots Wha Hae (featuring Kathryn Joseph)

The 20-track album is available to buy/stream digitally worldwide and as a limited edition double vinyl pressing, as part of the Record Store Day initiative #loverecordstores (and will be available in North America/Canada on 14th August).

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