Outblinker release a new single, ‘Techno Viking’,

Written on a recording session with Benjamin Power (Blanck Mass / Fuck Buttons) in the Orkney Islands, the track was recorded and mixed at Glasgow’s Anchor Lane Studio – run by band member Luigi Pasquini and business partner Omar Aborida (The Cosmic Dead, Dead Otter).

The band – now a quintet of Jason Costello, Luigi Pasquini, Chris Cusack, David Ian Warner and Graham Costello – first came to prominence through the release of their debut EP ‘The Remains Of Walter Peck’ in 2016.

The band have spent much of their existence touring across the European DIY scene, performing in a variety of locations – as they say, from theatres to squats, from converted abattoirs in the Basque country to an abandoned train in Germany, and “absorbing the lessons of touring companions like France’s astonishing super-group La Colonie De Vacances.”

However, plans for a 2020 European tour were postponed in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic, although the band did manage to record a Kraftwerk cover in memory of Florian Schneider.

Techno Viking is a reference to “one of thee original viral internet memes whose joyous spontaneous street dance gave way to the grim reality of bad-natured lawsuits and money-grabbing.”

‘Techno Viking’ – to be followed by a video directed by art collective RE-ND-ER-ED, and an album to follow later this year – is available to stream on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

It can also be downloaded at Bandcamp, for the princely sum of £50. (Indeed, it comes with the warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK UNLESS YOU OWN A YACHT! It will appear on the debut album.”)

More at outblinker.net / www.facebook.com/outblinker.