Out of the Swim release a new EP – ‘Machine’ – on Last Night From Glasgow’s Hive imprint.

The Falkirk/Glasgow based four-piece pairs have teamed up with award-winning Canadian baroque-pop / chamber-folk artist Laura Hickli, following a previous collaboration with Annie Booth on ‘The Garden’.

As well as the title track, the EP features two bonus tracks – ‘Lawrence the Head’, and an alternative instrumental. All three tracks available on split 7″ vinyl alongside Deer Leader’s new single ‘Crocodile‘.

The four core musicians perform piano, bass, drums, vocals and guitar, incorporating copyright-free samples and electronic beats.

However, in order to keep the focus on the music and the collaborators,
the band members prefer to remain incognito and refer to themselves collectively as Out of the Swim.

Hickli spent three months in quarantine while on tour, finalising album on North Pole Records (MT).

The 7″ single will also be available to anyone joining the Last Night from Glasgow subscription service – more at shop.lastnightfromglasgow.com.