Our Lady of the Stars – a side project fronted by John McKeown – release a new downloadable EP entitled ‘Senior Moments’.

The title of the three-track effort is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that the The Yummy Fur’s mainman has recently had a “big birthday” (although he doesn’t look 30).

The release – available as a Bandcamp download – follows up the debut from his lockdown project, ‘Soul-Frieda’s Dream‘, from last December.

As well as brand new lead track ‘Malcolm’s Curse Haunts our Family’, there are two new mixes of tunes originally heard in session for is this music?’s webradio show at Regal Radio – ‘Santa Clothes’ and ‘All The Pretty Girls Are Death to Me’.

As discussed on the radio interview, Our Lady of the Stars is a quintet formed by McKeown along with James Stark, Thomas Hannaway, Calum O’Connor and Charlie Milne, but with the act’s frontman working on new material while in lockdown with the plan being to re-record full band versions at a later date.

More at the Our Lady of the Stars Facebook page.