Glasgow-based four-piece Orphans have been around for a couple of years now but after recording their debut EP have begun to make some significant inroads locally. As ever, we’ll leave it to the band (well, singer Jack Taylor) to tell us more…


Jack Taylor – Vocals/Guitar
Gordon Dyett – Guitar
Craig McGhie – Drums
Ricky Maxwell – Bass


The band have been together in some shape or form since around 2010 but officially adopted the name Orphans after recording our first EP with Andy Miller at Gargleblast studios in 2011. Previous band name suggestions included the Freakout Fries, Gail-Force Bonanza and The Pick Axe That Prolongs Death. Sadly I was over-ruled on the latter.


We’ve all known each other since high-school but made a conscious effort to start a band when a bottle of Mad Dog down the park didn’t really cut it in terms of camaraderie anymore. After a few Spinal Tap-esque run ins with a number of bass players we finally settled on the little guy, our Rick, since he had a gnarly big bottom end – his bass style wasn’t bad either! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Post-apocalyptic-post-punk-post-modern-post-everything. Or in layman’s terms – angular noisy rock with knee-jerk stacatto riffs and some 90s low-fi and showgaze influence thrown in for good measure.


Because we’re all part of this machine, suppressed by corporation and government and we’re here to stick it to the man! Not really, we just love playing music together and hanging out as bro’s.

Orphans are guests of Il Sogno Del Marinaio – featuring former Minutemen and fIREHOSE mainman (and occasional Stooge) Mike Watt, at Mono in Glasgow on Saturday March 2nd.
You can her the band, and get a free download of ‘Before It Itches’, at