Olive Grove Records is to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release of a compilation album, ‘Get Into The Grove’.

In lieu of a “massive birthday party gig”, label owner Lloyd Meredith has instead put together a ten year anniversary long-player featuring new and reworked songs from the Olive Grove ‘family’.

As well as favourite tracks from Pocket Knife, Moonsoup, Woodenbox, Jo Mango, Campfires in Winter, The Son(s) and The State Broadcasters, the release also contains brand new material from Call To Mind, Randolph’s Leap, Carla J. Easton, The Moth & The Mirror and Henry & Fleetwood.

The imprint was initially set up by Meredith – at the time blogging under the ‘Peenko’ pseudonym – and Halina Rifai, of Glasgow Podcart, the pair releasing Randolph’s Leap’s EP ‘Battleships & Kettle Chips’.

Since then the label has put out more than 40 albums and EPs, also numbering the likes of Esperi, Jared Celosse, Pensioner, Chrissy Barncacle and Royal Male as part of its considerable roster.

‘Get Into The Grove’ track listing:
1. Campfires in Winter – White Lights
2. Moonsoup – Cheer Up, Kid! (feat. Sulka)
3. Randolph’s Leap – Planet Sound
4. The State Broadcasters – Be The Someone
5. Jo Mango – Cordelia (feat. The Madrigirls)
6. Carla J. Easton – Caught In The Midst
7. Henry & Fleetwood – Little Light
8. Pocket Knife – Pizza Song
9. The Moth & The Mirror – Bell Jar
10. Woodenbox – Punchin
11. Call To Mind – Recovery
12. The Son(s) – Silver Fingers

Available now on pink & blue vinyl and download as well as Coffee Bag (us neither), the album can be ordered via Bandcamp.

Meredith listed some of his personal highlights frpom the new record:

“‘Little Light’ by Henry & Fleetwood is a song that I have been obsessed with for a good few years eve since I heard them play it live at the CCA. It’s every bit as good as I remember it being when I heard it all those years ago.

“‘Planet Sound’ by Randolph’s Leap is another personal fave, only Adam Ross could pull off a love song about wooing his now wife with a review he once got on a Teletext review.

“‘The Moth & The Mirror’ track is the first new music that they’ll have released in over 9 years and boy are they back with a bang – I am just crossing my fingers that inspires them to do more recording!

“The reworked version of Jo Mango’s song ‘Cordelia’, which features The Madrigirls, is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things you’ll probably hear all year.

“Carla J. Easton is a massive favourite in this house, someone I know once described her as the Scottish David Bowie. Now I am not sure how true that is, but her contribution to the album, ‘Caught In The Midst’, always make think of my friend telling me that.

“I couldn’t not have an album featuring Call To Mind, their track ‘Recovery’ is an absolute belter. The fact that it was one of the shortest songs they’ve ever recorded also helped, as I had so many songs to fit onto one slab on vinyl!”

More at www.olivegroverecords.com.