Oh Captain release a new single, ‘Write Me’, on KFM Records.

It’s the sixth instalment in the series of monthly David Jack-produced tracks, following up ‘Baby Collette‘, which came out in February.

Available to download via Bandcamp, the single is final one in a planned set of six tunes by Minnesotan Mark Lange – of Tiger, Tiger – and Kev Lynch, previously of Dunfermline acts Cruiser and Super National.

Lynch has worked variously on production and road crew for the likes of Slowdive, Adorable, Mogwai and Snow Patrol,, while Lange is a musician, vocalist and graphic artist who has also collaborated on projects with DJ Luke Solomon, with the pair working long-distance and cross-Atlantic on the series of releases.

More at www.facebook.com/ohcaptainonline and kfmrecords.com.