Oh Captain release a new single, ‘Record Time’ on KFM.

It’s the fourth David Jack-produced track from the Transatlantic duo, consisting of Kev Lynch and Matt Lange, and follows ‘Come On Down‘, which came out at the start of January.

The preceding months have seen the pair put out debut ‘Step Aside‘ from October, and its follow-up, ‘Bragging Rights and Insights‘.

Minnesotan Lange, of Tiger, Tiger, is a musician, vocalist and graphic artist who has also worked on projects with DJ Luke Solomon.

Fife-born Lynch, previously of Cruiser, also worked as road crew and production for Slowdive, Adorable, Mogwai and Snow Patrol, before teaming up with Lange for a BBC Radio 1 Record of the Week, Cruiser’s ‘A Gentle Press’, followed by Super National’s ‘Meds To Get Over’.

The Transatlantic act – Minnesotan Mark Lange (Tiger, Tiger) and Fifer Kevin Lynch (Cruiser) – plan three more tracks in the series, all produced by David Jack (Iglomat), and available to download via Bandcamp.

More at www.facebook.com/ohcaptainonline and kfmrecords.com