Live and coming atcha this week…
Tuesday at the CCA in Glasgow, Warp artist Lonelady – big with Marc Riley on 6music, and apparently with Steven Mallinder out of Cabaret Voltaire (unfortunately only) doing a DJ set.
And just up the road at Bar Bloc, Damn Teeth. (Enthusiastic review here).

In Perth on Wednesday, Rachel Sermanni‘s at the Inchyra Arts Club.

On Friday 2nd, Grand Master Flash is at Buskers Dundee. And at Audio in Glasgow. I’m sure this happened last time he played as well, so check local press for details…

In the ‘where are they now’ file, Wheatus. Forgotten ‘Teenage Dirtbag’? Relive it again at Glasgow’s CCA on Thursday, and then again on Friday at Tunnels in Aberdeen

In Glasgow on Friday, Tron. An adaptation of Steven Listberger’s 1982 cult classic movie, taking up both floors of The Art School. Sounds mental.

This weekend, it’s Ullapool Guitar Festival. And Preston Reed‘s at it. He’s worth seeing. And hearing. But particularly seeing.

On Saturday, the “Scottish Dylan” – Donovan – is at Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre.
And at the CCA on Saturday, A New International. (I think we can stop mentioning how they used to be The Starlets, can’t we? Oh, not yet? Sorry)

Dave Acari‘s at Balmaha’s Braw Weekend, as are The Zips. It’s one of those food’n’drink’n’music kinda festivals, so you can arrive early and get your tea as well.

Sunday sees Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – yes, he of the Jim Jones Review – at Broadcast.

Finally, in Edinburgh, it’s Lock-in Sunday at the Electric Circus. 6 bands running until goodness knows when, it seems to be some sort of holiday weekend for the lucky few. Anyway, Numbers Are Futile, Nimmo, Wolf, Glamour Muscle, Super Inuit plus Monogram.
And then to bed…