Edinburgh’s mini50 Records re-release the album ‘Fluoxetine Morning’ by Scottish artist Now Wakes the Sea.
Originally recorded in 2011 in “bedrooms and boxrooms” as well as proper studios and partly in Glasgow’s Mitchell Library, the nine-track release originally appeared on Adam Stafford’s Wiseblood Industries. @mini50records

The re-release will precede the first album proper from the act – Alan McCormack with occasional help from messrs Truscott and Campbell – due in April 2014 on mini50 entitled ‘Bildungsroman’. A track from it entitled ‘The Shore and the Coastline’ is featured on the mini50 Winter Sampler.
‘Fluoxetine Morning’ appears on cassette as well as download and the physical version comes with a piece of postcard-sized art by Julien Lambrechts as well as a download code.