Nothing Concrete – a Scot-led, international band – releases their third album, ‘The Haberdasher’s Voyage’.

The 10 tracks – available on CD, download and vinyl – were recorded during the time of Covid in the sextet’s studio in the French Pyrenees.

The six-piece have two previous long-players under their collective belts – a debut album on Round Flat Records in 2015 ‘Ever The Forager’ being followed by 2018’s ‘Jumble Shop Tales’.

The international collective, who feature two French members, one English, one Scot, one Italian and one Belgian, are led by Fergus McKay, who wrote, arranged, recorded and produced all the songs before mixing and mastering Bongo Studios with Paul Smith.

The band have previously toured as support to Joan Armatrading while band leader McKay has recorded with Edwyn Collins.

The frontman ended up in France after leaving “a dead-end job in Edinburgh” to busk his way round Europe and meeting his wife – who sings and plays bass on the album – in Italy, before building a recording studio in an old barn in the Pyrenees. It was “bloody hard work for a while with two toddlers around, finding enough gigs and tours etc to sustain us,” McKay says, “but worth it!”.

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