Edinburgh trio North Atlantic Oscillation have announced a new album ‘The Third Day’ – due out on KScope on 6th October.

The guitars and vocals for the release were recorded by Healy at home, with drums recorded in a Victorian mill in Newcastle, while other parts were created in the Irish countryside, at long-time collaborator Peter Meighan’s studio.

The band – Sam Healy, Ben Martin, and Chris Howard – have released two long-players previously – 2010 debut ‘Grappling Hooks’ and follow-up ‘Fog Electric’. The latter was something of a concept piece, and while ‘The Third Day’ is not like its predecessor, Healy cites The Beatles’ Abbey Road, (perhaps worryingly) as an inspiration for the format of the album – in that all the tracks run together. “The legend is that John Lennon was tired and emotional at that point,” he says, “and tended to spend a lot of time in darkened rooms. So Paul was the one who did the little segues between tracks on side two. The way that those tracks interweave is absolutely fantastic. Even as a kid I remember thinking ‘that’s really clever, that’s a really interesting way to take advantage of your skills as an album writer rather than just a songwriter.’”

However, Healy also cites a moment, aged 12, when he saw a live recording of The Doors’ Light My Fire on TV as an inspiration, so you can decide for yourselves where ‘August’ stems from, and indeed how it links into the other tunes in October.