Adam Stafford releases an album, ‘Fire Behind the Curtain’, on the Song, by Toad label.

The latest long player from the SAY Award and BAFTA nominee follows up 2016’s ‘Taser Revelations’, as well as the more recent 40-minute improvised single-track epistle ‘Reverse Drift’.

Recorded in the Song, by Toad HQ, The Happiness Hotel, the new album was written over an 8-year period, bursts of activity interspersed with lulls into depression. Stafford has spoken about how the second half of the album contrasts with the first, in that it was made at a particularly low point in terms of mental health.

Production of the album was carried out by Robbie Lesiuk, long-time collaborator and fellow member of Stafford’s old band, Y’all Is Fantasy Island.

Also involved in the making of the album were Pete Harvey, of Modern Studies, who arranged string parts for The Pumpkinseeds – Simon Graham, Kate Miguda and Liam Lynch, plus Harvey himself on cello.

The 13-track release is available as a double gatefold vinyl release as well as on CD and as a download, at the Song, By Toad bandcamp page.