Looper celebrate 20 years in showbiz (well…) by releasing an album containing acoustic versions of songs from all the eras of the band’s two decade existence.

The band is the brainchild of former Belle and Sebastian man Stuart David, who formed the band with his wife Karn, brother Ronnie, and instrumentalist Scott Twynholm, also of Hoboken.

The ten track long-player – available on CD as well as download – is on Mute Records, where the band released most of their work – although Sub Pop and Jeepster have also put out music from David and crew over the years.

There has been something of a hiatus since the band’s last studio album – Karn went back to art school to study animation and Stuart took up writing novels, including the latest in a Glasgow crime series, ‘Peacock’s Alibi’.

However, recently the band have released ‘Offgrid:Offline’ (in 2015) and a 5CD box set, ‘These Things’, which collates tracks from their entire catalogue.

Perhaps notable by its absence from the new album is ‘Mondo 77’ – the beat-heavy instrumental (apart from shouts by Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald) that the band may be best known for in the mainstream, since it featured on Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky soundtrck, as well as a much-viewed Xerox photocopier ad.

Tracklisting for ‘Quiet & Small’:

1 – Burning Flies (from 1999’s Up A Tree)
2 – These Things (from 2000’s The Geometrid)
3 – On The Flipside (from 2000’s The Geometrid)
4 – Oh, Skinny Legs (from 2015’s Offgrid:Offline)
5 – The Lucky Bird (from 2015’s Offgrid:Offline)
6 – Bug Rain (from 2000’s The Geometrid)
7 – Quiet And Small (from 1999’s Up A Tree)
8 – The Snare (from 2003’s The Snare)
9 – The Strangest Girl (2005 single release)
10 – Up A Tree Again (from 1999’s Up A Tree)

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