Nelson Savage release a five track EP, ‘Cracked Beyond Repair’, on the Anti-Manifesto label.

Available to download via Bandcamp, the EP’s five tracks were pieced together at various points in 2020, with drums recorded at Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio in November, and guitar, bass and backing vocals completed at Anti-Manifesto HQ the following month.

Vocals were then added at Those Flying Machines Attic in Haddington before the completed recordings were mixed & mastered by the band’s James Johnson.

The quintet – Craig, Gary, James, Kevin, and Peter – are formed of members of other acts including two from the makers of Jockrock’s #1 album of 2020, Paper Rifles.

Another two band members were previously in Curators – who reached #3 in 2010 and #5 in 2013 – while other names cropping up on the collective CV include Misled Youth, Robot Doctors, Elk Gang, Today We Fight, and Shields Up.

The new release is the band’s fourth since forming in 2018 when they released a self-titled EP, followed by ‘Broken Ghosts’, before a six-track EP ‘Guide Them Home‘ last year.

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