Warsaw based Scottish musician Neil Milton releases a pay-what-you-like, Creative Commons licensed double e.p. set on Manchester’s Valentine Records.

These are the first ‘proper’ solo releases for the former Troika guitarist and founder of the Too Many Fireworks label.

This first e.p., titled ‘Skies’ contains 4 modern-classical compositions – ‘Elegy for Tramway’ (an older piece familiar to many podcast listeners); ‘As You Sleep’ (written for Neil’s 1 year old niece, Charlotte); a new song,’Taiwan’, and ‘178,329,600 Seconds’, which features percussion, brass and a choir alongside the piano and string quartet which feature on the other tunes.

EP 2, ‘Seas’, contains vocals on ‘Your Smile is My Ghost’ while ‘Somewhere Near You a Heart is Broken’ is a choral-based piece.