Natalie Pryce release their sixth album, entitled ‘Humans of Late Capitalism’.

On (extremely) limited high quality lathe cut clear vinyl, it’s also available via all streaming outlets including iTunes or Spotify, as well as a bandcamp download.

The album is the second release on Never Found Records following the debut album by The Kidney Flowers.

Recorded live to analogue tape at Green Door Studios, Glasgow, it was engineered, produced and mastered by Samuel Joseph Smith.

The ten tracks are described as “the lost recordings of now forgotten pioneer of rock & roll: Ronnie Rocket + the 50,000 Volts.”

Ronnie, who takes on vocals, synths, keys and tapes, is joined by vocalists Rosin Murray and Jennifer Hamilton, Greg Taylor on guitar, bassist Steven Litts, and Stephen Coleman on percussion.

Speaking of the release, the band said: “The main theme of the album is a look into the anxieties of living in a world that has become ever more saturated by technology. It explores how the use and reliance on technology has and could affected the way we live to the point where it changes what it means to be human.

“Manual jobs are disappearing to mechanisation and now it seems that even cognitive jobs are being replaced by algorithms. Modern warfare is fought via remote control. Buying things online instead of from a human; criticising through online comments instead of in person; not looking at faces but at Instagram filtered images of faces. Through interfacing through computers more than each other there is the potential for losing some aspects of our humanity.”

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