Music Language 2013 – which takes place in Glasgow from 6th – 8th September – has released a download compilation album featuring 22 acts performing at the festival including the likes of eagleowl, Jer Reid, Magic Eye and The Cosmic Dead.
It’s a pay-what-you-like arrangement with proceeds from the compilation will go towards festival production costs (and to boost artist fees, with any luck).
On the comp: Dick 50, Hausfrau, Jer Reid & friends, The Crying Lion, p6 & Skitter, Kenny Love, Asparagus Piss Raindrop, Howie Reeve, The Yawns, Ela Orleans, Magic Eye, Vars of Litchi, The Hector Collectors, In Posterface, Anak-Anak, Eagleowl, Golden Teacher, Seconds, Death Shanties, The Orpheus Choir, Red Death and The Cosmic Dead.
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