Straight from the swamps of the Ayrshire delta, this Glasgow-based six-piece have been picking up comparisons with everyone from Tom Waits to Captain Beefheart, from The Cramps to Nick Cave. Er, yes, which does stereotype the band a little, but with titles like ‘Where’s The Mortuary?’ this may come as no little surprise.
All that said, they do throw some brighter indie-ish influences into their big melting pot with hints of the Smiths and Pixies shining through the murk. But it’s this unhinged, dirty take on the blues that’s their trademark, that and the general feeling that something not quite right could occur at any moment.
There’s a single, ‘Change’, coming on November 14th on Flowers in The Dustbin●●●●, but for now, an older track with trademark crazy-assed video to go with it. It’s directed by singer James Allan (no, not that one. Obviously).