It’s a hometown gig for Colin Macintyre and Mull Historical Society, playing at An Tobar on Tobermory on Tuesday the 6th, so non-locals should get yourselves over there (ferries permitting).

Same night, another hometown show (is everyone geting back early for Xmas or something)? Anyway, Broken Records play at Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire, on the 6th.

And The Crayons visit their hometown venue of choice (well, that would probably be the Carnegiie Hall, but anyway… the band play Dunfermline’s PJ Molloys, on Saturday 10th.

Dundee act Fat Goth – comprising former members of Alamos and Laeto as well as other bands who I’ll not name for fear of getting the facts wrong, play the Isle of Gruinard on… no, of course they don’t – they’re at Dundee’s Balcony Bar on Saturday. They have The Strangers Almanac and Indica in support.

Following the above logic, Glasgow may be the place where old rockers come to die. Ok, harsh, but why else would Front 242 (Classic Grand) be in town on Saturday, as will Splodgenessabounds (Ivory Blacks). The latter venue also hosts Napalm Death on Sunday. I’d just put in the earplugs now and be done with it. Though Twin Atlantic – Glaswegians – return to a considerably larget stomping ground than they were when they started out – the O2 Academy.

And on Sunday, the planets align to see Twin Atlantic and Broken Records both play Aberdeen – at the Forum and Tunnels respective.y