Morphamish releases a new single, ‘Spark’, on his own Anywhen label.

The pseudonym of Edinburgh producer Hamish Campbell, the track is available to download at Bandcamp and follows up last September’s chiptune track ‘Lagom‘, also recorded at his Sound Sound studio.

As well known as a live act at parties and festivals such as Kelburn Castle and Knockengorroch, Morphamish is also resident and founder at Edinburgh underground dance institution ETC.

He has also collaborated with Aberdeen experimental collective Tryptamines, which received a worldwide IMA (Independent Music Award) for best EP in ‘Metropolis’. Their collaborative album ‘Adventures in Anywhen‘ was listed at #8 on Jockrock’s Albums of the Year list for 2020.

Of the new track, Morphamish says: “Spark was written and produced over autumn 2020 lockdown. As a reaction I was inspired to create music for everyone to energise and uplift, that still satisfies the underground, which bangs as much as it’s heartwarming, makes you feel a bit cheeky, and is as good in the kitchen as on the dance floor.”

‘Spark’ predcedes another single, ‘Equilibrium’, planned for March release.

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