Mood Taeg release their sophomore album ‘Anaphora’

Like its predecessor, debut ‘Exophora‘, the seven tracks are on Happy Robots Records – though this time, rather than a CD release, the new album is available on limited 12″ vinyl, as well as a download.

Mood Taeg formed in 2016 as a “musical project”, split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai, and including musicians, graffiti artists, DJs, photographers, painters, and video artists.

However, for this new release the “Kollektiv” includes core members K’ko, and TDK – the latter originally from Dundee and a former member of electronic act Voight Kampff.

The band name, a term in functional linguistics, is a reference to their day jobs as teachers, while the album title – meaning a reference to that which preceded or came before – is a further nod to linguistics, and their own musical evolution.

While the first set of recordings was largely instrumental, ‘Anaphora’ contains more more vocals, at least in the form of samples featuring poets (Christopher Logue), cultural critics (Michael Parenti), film makers (Alan P. Chilchier), and trade union activists (Jimmy Reid).

More at /, as well as a recent interview at Manic Pop Thrills.