Molly Linen releases her debut EP, ‘Outside’, on 10″ vinyl as well as on streaming services.

On the Lost Map label, the five tracks include recent single ‘When They Didn’t Care’, which was released on streaming services and via Lost Map’s PostMap Club, as well as and Linen’s debut single ‘Away’.

Lost Map’s latest signing is a Shropshire-born, Glasgow-based songwriter and guitarist. Of the new release, she says: “Some of the songs on the Outside EP reflect on my personal experiences of being out in nature and feeling the many emotional benefits, whilst others are observations of being in particular environments and noticing small details.”

Written by Molly Linen, the EP also features Beth Chalmers (keyboard, harmonium and vocals), Liam Chapman (drums, synth and vocals) and Gemma Fleet (bass).

It was recorded by Ronan Fay at Green Door Studios, Glasgow, mastered by Steven Ward. and is available via the Lost Map website.

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