Mogwai are among the acts featured in a series of remixes of Penelope Trappes on new album ‘Redeux’.

The collection, on Houndstooth Records, consists of reworked tunes from ‘Penelope Two’, released via Optimo Music in 2017 on vinyl and as a photo book.

The remix album also features, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Félicia Atkinson and Poppy Ackroyd among its 10 tracks.

The full track listing reads:
01. ‘Burn On’ (Mogwai Rework)
02. ‘Carry Me’ (Cosey Fanni Tutti Rework)
03. ‘Maeve’ (JFDR Rework)
04. ‘Farewell’ (Johnny Hostile Rework)
05. ‘Night Hive’ (Paul Corley Rework)
06. ‘Nite Hive’ (Nik Colk Void Rework)
07. ‘Connector’ (Aasthma Rework) (Peder Mannerfelt and Pär Grindvik)
08. ‘Farewell’ (Throwing Snow Rework)
09. ‘Kismet’ (Poppy Ackroyd Rework)
10. ‘Burn On’ (Félicia Atkinson Rework)

Previously known for her work in electronic duo The Golden Filter, the London-based Australian-born vocalist, musician and soundscape artist spent 2016 writing and recording what would become her first solo album, ‘Penelope One’ in a piano studio in East London. /