Well, more of a Casual RE-Introduction, as the Glasgow-based trio are now at the album #2 stage of their career.

Indeed, debut ‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’ was Jockrock’s Album of the Year, er, some time ago. But with a new long-player ‘Daybreaking Threats’ out now, and the band gigging once again, it’s perhaps time to reacquaint ourselves with the band following what seems like a rather lengthy hiatus…


We’re 3 men called Cammy, Kris and Raindeer with broken samplers and Keyboards.

Mitchell Museum


We all live in Glasgow but Kris is recently back from living in America for three years.


It started at a new year’s party about 8 years ago. Raindeer started banging on a gas canister and me and Kris started playing some instruments that we found lying around in time to what Raindeer was banging… and then decided to form a band on the basis of that improvised “song”.


The “how” of our new album ‘Everett Trap’ is complicated as it was recorded and mixed with two of us in Glasgow and the other one in New York. This involved Skype sessions, lots of emailing notes about certain synth buzzy noises not being panned enough to the left and a lot of frustration over not being able to chat to Kris about the band over a pint.


Currently we’re making a collection of fuzzy beeps and electronic gurgles over the top of sad songs about the collapse of a longterm relationship which also resulted in the loss of a best friend.


We just keep making songs that we think and hope that people might like to listen to and can’t really imagine not making those songs.

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