Mitchell Museum release a new single, ‘Your Shadow Left Home’.

It’s the first new material from the trio since their third album’Skinny Tricks‘ which came out on the Scottish Fiction label in May.

Frontman Cammy Macfarlane tells how he got the idea for the track just a fortnight ago. “I was sitting in my flat, feeling annoyed, a little down and anxious about the passing of time. How had the last six months past so quickly? How on earth was I once again watching an autumn sunset? Wasn’t it spring just three seconds ago?

“Then I looked up and noticed that the sun had set and all the shadows that had filled my living room had gone. I suddenly felt very present in that moment and I had a really sad feeling wash over me… that was then quickly replaced with a sense of calmness that I don’t remember ever feeling before.

“I found myself thinking about how time does pass so fast and our memories of the past are our minds shadows and that it’s ok to not hang on to the past as there will always be a future. Then I thought that was all a bit deep and decided to put it into a song.”

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