Mitchell Museum release a new album, ‘Skinny Tricks’
, on the Scottish Fiction label.

Available as a download as well as streaming, the 11 track long-player from the Glasgow-based trio can also be obtained on vinyl – including a deluxe package with ‘Skinny Tricks’ on eco-Grey 12″ vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve along with a copy of ‘Freakbeak’ or ‘Footsteps 101’ singles on 10″ vinyl.

The third album from the Glasgow-based trio – Cammy, Raindeer, and Kris – includes previous singles ‘Footsteps 101‘ and ‘Hold Me Up‘.

The release follows up 2017’s sophomore effort ‘Everett Trap’ – which was placed third in Jockrock’s Album of the Year list for that year. (The threesome’s debut album ‘The St Peter’s Port Memorial Service’ topped the year-end poll in 2010). The band were also the subject of a ‘Casual Introduction‘ which is a handy primer on what may be your new favourite band, as they’ve not aged that much since three years ago.

Frontman Cammy Macfarlane said of the new album:”‘Skinny Tricks’ features my friends and family as cut up, reversed samples from loads of WhatsApp or Facebook videos and the like.

“I kind of warped a lot of spoken audio to turn everyone into a collective instrument; we’ve got nephews as synth chords, and mums as percussive loops all over the album. The original idea was to do with the fact that we are all constantly documenting our lives via social media apps and I wanted to somehow emulate that constant chatter throughout the album.”

‘Skinny Tricks’ is available now at Scottish Fiction Records. The band are launching the release online on May 15th at 7pm. More at