Mima Merrow releases a new single, ‘Freckles’.

Available as a download, the track trails the release of her debut EP, ‘Good Grief’, due for release on December 4th and mixed by Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan.

Originally from Northern Ireland, the singer-songwriter is now based in Glasgow, following a chance meeting and collaboration with Mississippi’s AJ Meadows while visiting the city she has now relocated to.

The multi-instrumentalist frequently makes music with others, including in a community orchestra covering the likes of The National and Sufjan Stevens, but for her new material has worked solely on her own.

“This track is a search for strength in the midst of grief,” she says of ‘Freckles’, “it’s that moment when we realise we are made of ancient stardust and all we need can be found in our bodies.

“Growing up in a place where your whole self could be, at once, reduced down to the minutiae of happenstance and conflated into rituals so generic they feel meaningless, space to figure yourself out can be hard to come by. This track looks at that emptiness and how to find connection.”

More at mimamerrow.com / www.facebook.com/mimamerrow.