Mike Nisbet releases a new single, ‘Red Hot New York’.

It’s the first track to be lifted from his forthcoming album ‘I Was A Great Lake, Once’, due out on November 20th.

The Scots-born singer-songwriter, now based in London, describes the new track as “a classic folk rock jam with a twist – a murder ballad set in Rockaway, NY, as a lover calls back from beneath the waves to write to a lover and admit regret after a red hot night in New York.

“When I was visiting New York City in the summer a few years ago with my wife,” he explains, “we took a ferry out to Rockaway, and although it never stopped pissing down with rain, we swam in the sea, drank terrible margaritas and had a great time.

“But I couldn’t help but think this grey, overcast corner of New York had some wild stories under the surface. On the flight home I started writing a murder ballad set in the place, but as songs often do, it reshaped into a mix between disaster story and lovers torn apart. Funny that it sounds the most upbeat thing I’ve ever made”.

Nisbet recorded his forthcoming long-player over the lockdown of 2020 – over an intense two month period, although the songs had been in development for the past five years.

Self-produced at home studio in south-east London, the only other voice on the record is that of his wife, Norma.

More at www.facebook.com/nisbetmike.