Malcolm Middleton has announced plans for a collaboration with artist David Shirgley.
The ‘Music and Words’ album is due for release on 15th December via the Melodic label (which has in the past put out long-players by Aidan Moffat under his L.Pierre pseudonym).

Also contributing to the release are actor Gavin Mitchell (Boaby the Barman off of Still Game), Middleton’s Californian friend Scott Vermeire, former Take The High Road actor Bridget McCann, and Shrigley himself.

The 12-track effort will come as a limited vinyl run of 1000 12”s, each with individual artwork by Shrigley.

In other Malky news, Middleton will perform ‘Twice! Two Nights At Tuts’ – on Saturday 13th December (a full band show) and Sunday 14th (acoustic).

Shrigley, meanwhile, has a new book, ‘Weak Messages Create Bad Situations, apparently ideal to “press flowers or kill insects”. It is published by Canongate and is the ideal gift for Christmas for an elderly person living alone.

1. A Toast
2. Houseguest
3. Monkeys
4. Walker
5. Dear Brain
6. Caveman
7. Sunday Morning
8. Story Time
9. Help
10. Touch My Face
11. The Tree
12. A Computer