MC Salum releases a new single ‘To The Teeth’, via Texas label Big Indie Records.

Salum – the moniker of Dundee-based producer Mike Colville – follows up previously released single ‘Felina‘, produced in June last year with Liam James, and with Katie Lynch of St Martiins guesting on vocals.

‘To The Teeth’, written with Jack Dean, is available to download or stream.

Of the new track, Salum says: “I wanted to show people I’m hungry. The name itself implies I’m ready to keep going till the end. I have a destiny and I’m looking to fulfil it, but at what cost. I hope people get hyped when they hear it and feel like they can take on anything.”

“Scotland has so much talent right now,” he adds, “and I want to make sure I’m recognised as one of the artists helping push the scene forward. I see this project as not only a chance to show what I’m about but also highlight the people around me.”

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