A man of many names, quite often with “and” following them, MC Almond Milk – aka Jamie Scott – has gone back to his solo roots. Though the former Conquering Animal Sound member has called in the likes of Miaoux Miaoux and Ultras for his first solo release in five years. Read on…

MC Almond Milk


It’s just Me, Emcee Almond Milk, or Jamie Scott. I do vocals, sort of rap, and write all the music.


I retired my Japanese War Effort solo moniker in 2012, after I grew tired of my persistent inability to sing in tune. It was taking me days to get vocal takes right when recording, live shows were a bit of a mess, and that just ain’t right. I was collaborating with Jonnie Common on some music that eventually turned into our group CARBS, and he encouraged me to try rapping. So it’s his fault really.

Where? – probably comes bundled with ‘When?’

I make all my music in my flat in Govan. I’m less enamoured with rehearsal rooms or personal studios these days. I like being able to do the dishes in the middle of writing sessions, helps clear my head and hear ideas afresh. Something about kitchen sink existentialism, I think.


All my music comes out via Save As Collective, a community of like minded pals who also make electronic music alone, which acts as a kind of support network. We also frequently collaborate, and release compilations of our music. I usually work alone, but it’s good to get some external input and ideas from the other guys.


It’s rap Jim, but not as you know it. It could be hip hop influenced music, but I suppose I feel I have to qualify that whenever I say it. It’s really electronic music, with some spoken, mumbled vocals.

I released a collaborative album with my pal Jay Rolex last summer, an old skool sample heavy “hip-hop” album, which was a lot of fun to do, and really showcased his talents, but I didn’t feel it totally reflected me or my sound. This year I’m releasing my own “debut” album, debut in that it’s the first self written record I’ve done. It’s the first project I’ve done that I feel I’m no longer learning to rap, or trying out other peoples ideas, but have totally found my own sound.


Why make art? It’s a survival tactic I guess. It keeps me from confronting my real problems. It means I don’t need to find a hobby. It keeps me off the streets. It gives me an enormous sense of wellbeing, and then I’m happy for the rest of the day. Sometimes I worry that if I didn’t do music, I’d do something rubbish like join a gym.

The album gets a couple of launch shows:
Glad Cafe, Glasgow 23rd September
Happiness Hotel, Edinburgh 30th September

More at the band’s Soundcloud page