Mastersystem release ‘Old Team’, the final single from their debut album.

The new tune, on Physical Education Recordings, comes from an produced by Justin, which is released on 6th April 2018 on

Taken from the album ‘Dance Music’, released last March, ‘Old Team’ was, we’re told, Scott Hutchinson’s favourite tune on the long-player – the band saying that “it was always in our plans to be THE single off the record.”

The band – numbering the late Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit, his brother Grant, plus Editors’ Justin Lockey and his brother James, from Minor Victories – formed following Frightened Rabbit employing the Lockeys to film them on a highland tour.

The accompanying video for the new single contains footage the first and last Mastersystem tour – “a bunch of fellas, having the best time, ripping the piss out of each other, laughing and doing some shows. There’s something fucking brilliant about this… something free of the pressure that bands can turn into… That’s what Mastersystem was about”.

The band added: “We’re very fucking proud of it, which is why we’re honouring our original plans to put it out. It will not be a thing to propel Mastersystem forward into new places, but serve as a monument to all involved and to all that listened….That we made a class record we all believe in.”

The new single, which has a limited run of 500 vinyl copies, is the last record Scott Hutchison was involved with. All proceeds from Old Team will be donated to the Scott Hutchison foundation. The band and label want the record to end up in the hands of genuine fans, and not eBay – they ask people to respect this.”

The Mogwai remix of the track will form the b-side of the 7″.

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