Martha Ffion releases her new album ‘Nights to Forget’.

It’s the second album by Scottish Album of the Year Award-nominated, Glasgow-based Irish singer-songwriter Claire McKay, aka Martha Ffion.

Available via Eigg-based imprint Lost Map, the 10 track sophomore effort includes singles ‘After The Fact’ and ‘Want You To Know’ and comes in 12” vinyl and via digital platforms.

Ffion released her debut single ‘No Applause’ on Lost Map Records in 2015.

Her 2018 debut album ‘Sunday Best’ was released via Welsh independent label Turnstile Records, and was nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award, before returning to Lost Map Records in 2019 for the release of the single ‘Kennedy Hair’.

Produced by Dave Frazer and recorded at his home studio in Glasgow, ‘Nights to Forget’ was, Ffion says, written after the release of ‘Sunday Best’.

“It was an uncharacteristically hot summer by Glasgow standards but I spent most of it holed up in my flat on Garageband. When I would venture out for a walk, I kept bumping into my friend, Dave Frazer and we’d end up chatting about music for ages. I told him about the kind of record I wanted to make – something more fresh and modern – and we decided to give it a go together.

“I wasn’t tied to any label or timeframe, so we ended up gradually rebuilding and reworking my demos over the course of a year. We mainly worked in his flat, after work or on weekends. Everything was given so much breathing space – it was nice to let each song properly develop in its own time rather than having the pressure of studio deadlines. Deciding when to say it was finished was the hard part.”

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