One man and his machines… and friends… this week sees the release of a new album by Adam Lockhart under the Man Without Machines banner. As ever, we let the artist sum up, in this case, his own brand of electronic pop.


Well, it’s essentially a solo project by me, Adam Lockhart (of Spare Snare) but when it’s done live we have Andrew Mitchell (Bass Guitar, Bass Synth), Val Campbell (Synth), Michael Benbow (Drums), Steven McCullough (Guitar, Synth) and I play guitar and sing live. Andrew recorded some of the bass tracks on the Album. I’d also like to note the contribution of Paul Savage at chem19 who was ‘executive’ producer on the album.


I started things off back in about 2007 but we didn’t really get things going until much later. Val joined on synth and the first few gigs were just the 2 of us with backing tracks, then Andrew joined, then Michael and then Steven.


We are based in Dundee, apart from Val who is in Glasgow. It started because I wanted to do a solo record without the hassles of being in a band, but then I quickly realised that in order to play live I would need to get a band together. I could do the karaoke style thing on my own, but I think that lacks authenticity. It also means you’re stuck and can’t ad-lib.


It’s alt-indie-guitar-synth-electro-hi-energy-pop

Well, we put out a 7″ and download in August 2012 of the first single ‘Something’s happening here’ which got a good response and a number of plays on radio. The The album is out now called ‘The Kreuzberg Press’ which is available on CD and download from all the usual outlets.


Well, I make music because I have to, even if no-one is listening to it, I’ll still be doing it. Obviously world-wide U2 style fame would be a bonus but that’s not the reason for doing it. I’m still doing the Spare Snare thing and also an avant garde project called ‘The Devotional Ensemble’.

The debut album entitled The Kreuzberg Press is out now – hear samples here or get it on Amazon or iTunes.