Malcolm Middleton releases his debut album – well, kind of, as A Quarter Past Shite is a collection of unreleased songs written between 1994 and 2001, predating 2002’s 5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine. The 18 tracks are as follows:
1. New Blue 2. Alone Tonight 3. Mud On Mind 4. All My Love 5. Splinters 6. School Dances 7. Penny’s Place 8. Two Chairs 9. Soon 10. Sacred City 11. Tally 12. Simply Twisted Fate 13. Blues King 14. Fucker 15. Go Girl 16. Friday Night 17. Battles 18. Songs.

You can get it via his bandcamp site

Think we mentioned these before, but there’s also a new 10″ single on Fence offshoot Defence, which is split with Found offshoot River of Slime

And, Malcolm’s side project Human Don’t Be Angry releases Live at Leeds (not heard ity yet, but probably quite similar to The Who’s effort of the same name) – that’s also a bandcamp download