Mal MacWatt and The Glass Mountains release a new EP, ‘Twilight’.

The five tracks are a timely follow-up to predecessor ‘Blue Hour‘, which came out in January. Both EPs are available as a single CD ‘Blue Hour/Twilight’.

Available to download or stream, the twin release follows (Skail last July.

However, the new EPs were both recorded in the same sessions with Phil Dearing at L Sound London – where the Morayshire-raised musician is now based – and were made under the ‘Mal MacWatt and The Glass Mountains’ banner.

The side project, in which Dearing also plays keyboards, guitars, bass, programming, features Clare Portman on vocals for all five tracks, as well as employing Steven Hicken Jr on pedal steel.

“As the songs came together in the studio they naturally seemed to fall into two distinct camps – half with a strong soul feel and half that were much more country,” explains MacWatt.

“Initially I thought about trying to integrate them into one album by blurring the edges but it felt more honest to just let the songs take whatever direction suited them best.”

MacWatt has recently signed with US boutique label Need To Know Music, with a new album under his regular guise to be released in April.

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