Luke Marshall Black releases a new single ‘Tell Your Lover’, available as a download or stream across all digital platforms.

Originally from Glasgow, the Bristol-based songwriter has no shows lined up – which may be partly to do with the fact that he suffered a burst appendix in early December.
Posting on social media post from his hospital bed, he said: “There’s a big vote on Thursday. The NHS is definitely stretched thin. Let’s help the people who help us”, which although untimately in vain, may have helped Labour MPs to seats in four of his adopted city’s constituencies.

Of the track, Marshall Black says: “This song is an ‘I’m getting outta here song’. The opening line ‘tell your lover I’ll be gone in the morning’ says it all for me. It’s the moment of realisation when you know you’re in an unhealthy relationship and it’s time to get out.”

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