Lovers Turn To Monsters release a new album, entitled ‘Still listening to the Paris, Texas soundtrack and thinking about wanting to die…’

The work of West Lothian-born musician Kyle Wilson, it’s a “ukelele-driven” full band recording from the Glasgow-based musician, who has self-released well over a dozen albums and as many EPs, usually also home-recorded.

However, for this album, Wilson – now based in Glasgow – is joined by Calum West on guitar, Clare Gunn on bass, and Barry Carty on drums, and the eight tracks were recorded in a practice studio in Dalmarnock by Stevie Cossar, who also mixed and mastered the record.

Of the release, Wilson says: “I’ve been talking about having kids a lot lately but decided before I was comfortable and happy with myself it wouldn’t be fair on a kid. But then I realised that my parents’ imperfections kind of, for better or worse, made me who I am.”

Including singles ‘Colossal’ and ‘Death Of The One Sheet’, each track on the album comes with a homemade video.

As well as being available as a download, the album comes on CD, bundled with a double sided poster, a lyrics book, a small zine about what influenced the album and a copy of ‘My Life as a Headache’ (the lo-fi full band EP that this album began as).

Next live show for LTTM is on Thursday 6th June at the Strange Behaviours Summer Party – at The Settle Inn in Stirling.

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