The Glasgow branch of Love Music Hate Racism release a new compilation album ‘The Beautiful Resistance’

Intended as “an album that stands for unity, solidarity and justice”, the long-player is available as a download or on vinyl, with artwork by Freya Skinner, its 15 tracks produced and mixed by Luigi Pasquini and Paul Gallagher with the latter performing the album’s mastering.

Among the acts contributing are Jill Lorean, Chris Bainbridge out of Man of Moon, Bee Asha Singh from Scottish female hip-hop trio The Honey Farm, garage rock trio The Kidney Flowers, French-Cameroonian singer-songwriter and 2019 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Stage winner Djana Gabrielle, and rapper and trans activist The Lady Incarnate and her band, The Positive Experience.

There are also speech extracts taken from the ‘Glasgow Says No To Racism’ Protest on World Refugee Day 2020.

“Music can create joy and stamp out hate. It’s the passing on of old songs and the creation of new ones,” the organisers say of the release. “It’s sharing what we have in common and celebrating diversity. Sharing music together makes us happy – the antithesis to hate.

“When we are united by joy, it makes it harder for them to divide us. When we stand together in solidarity, we cannot be silenced. This is what our album stands for. This is what The Beautiful Resistance is all about.”

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