Louise Connell releases a her new double album ‘Squall Echo and Rale’.

The 19 track offering is her first studio album since 2016’s ‘Straw Woman’ – recorded under her Reverieme pseudonym.

For her latest material, the singer-songwriter decided it was to time to strip back the disguise and take the music forward under her own name.

“I love writing songs. I see it as catching the ideas and words that are hurling around us all and turning them into pieces of music that help life make more sense,” she says.

“Songs are the version of you that communicates with your audience, and I felt it was unnecessary to continue performing under a stage name when my songs were so openly and honestly mine.”

“Plus, it’s far easier to spell and pronounce Louise Connell than Reverieme.”

With an album sleeve created by designer James Marsh – perhaps best known for creating the artwork for Talk Talk’s ‘Spirit of Eden’ – ‘Squall Echo Rale’ is available from Bandcamp.

More at www.louiseconnell.com / facebook.com/connelllouise