A collection of ‘lost’ music recordings from the early 1990s finally gets its long overdue release.

‘The Lost Café Sessions’ compilation is now available to download, 30 years after its recordings took place, and featuring, among others, The Real McCoy, Elephant Noise, Some Device, Seeing Red, Silent Falls, Blue on Shock (pictured), Tom’s New Shoes, Pure Blind Panic, and Roy G Biv.

Now digitally-remastered, the tracks were recorded at the Sound Café Studios, near Edinburgh, in 1991 – the overall project the brainchild of Fifers Jim Russell and Ian Harrower, who at the time ran a student music promotions company, Smithfield Entertainments.

Unfortunately, due to various issues including a lack of funding, the CD release planned for the autumn of 1991 was abandoned.

However, during the lockdown in 2020, a copy of the original master tapes was discovered by the former studio owner and sound engineer, Dave Gray, in a cardboard box at the bottom of a dusty storage cupboard in his home.

Russell and Harrower set about reconnecting with the acts involved with the originally planned album, gaining permission from the copyright holders now scattered across the globe to finally make the album available.

The Lost Café Sessions will now appear on iTunes and Spotify and most of the digital streaming platforms from the 22nd October.

The album is also available on the favoured platform of many musicians – Bandcamp – where people can make a direct donation to the album’s dedicated charity partner, Siblings Reunited (SC043937).

Russell, who for many years has worked in the scientific software industry, said: “Sadly, we have learned that a few of the musicians involved in the original recordings are no longer with us.

“Part of the motivation, then, to complete the album launch that we first imagined all those years ago was to pay a wee tribute to them and remembering their boundless youthful ambition, creativity and talent.”

Harrower, who works in festival and event management, added: “It’s been brilliant catching up and making contact with all those folks that we used to organise gigs and tours with.

“Each of the tracks still sound strong to us and even though we have been listening now with ears that have matured over 30 years. We hope people will enjoy reconnecting with bands that they may have followed or enjoying a wee musical trip down memory lane remembering live music venues, live music in pubs and the sounds of the music scene in Scotland across the 1990s.”

All donations and proceeds from the album streaming go directly to the Siblings Reunited (STAR), a charity that provides safe together space for siblings separated within the Scottish care system.

More on the album at www.facebook.com/TheLostCafeSessions.