Looper release their box set compilation, entitled ‘These Things’. The 5-CD collection features tracks from their entire catalogue, including the new album, ‘Offgrid:Offline’.

As well as ‘These Things’, digital releases of all of Looper’s albums are also available – Up A Tree (1999), The Geometrid (2000), The Snare (2002) and Offgrid:Offline (2015). Also in the box: Tim Burgess sleevenotes plus a limited edition live cassette of the 1999 LA Troubadour show, plus lyric book and a Looper badge.
The five CDs, although consisting of their back catalogue, sees their body of work themed by type and entitled ‘lexiphonics’, ‘kinokraft’, ‘voxtrot’, ‘transmitte’ and ‘melos’, with the tunes divided up between the 5 discs.

More at www.looperama.co.uk