Lonely Tourist releases a new, live set as a free or pay-what-you-want fundraising download, ‘Live at Salt 2018’.

The 13 live tunes come from a full band live recording of the launch show for the ‘Remuneration’ album in 2018.

Paul Tierney – formerly of Odeon BeatClub as well as part of the Plume of Feathers – played the set at Salt Café in Bristol, with Plume Of Feathers as support (their set also available to download).

Tierney says he is releasing the show in lieu of doing any live stream sets from his own lock down, adding that new Lonely Tourist material is on the way as well as some new material co-written with Plum of Feathers’ Chris Webb (possibly under the pseudonym ‘Paul and The Tierney’s’).

The live bootlegs are released on a Pay-what-you-want basis (including paying nothing, or donate to the Trussell Trust instead).

More at www.facebook.com/lonelytouristmusic